Custom Coach Profile: Marathon Coach #1356 | Marathon Coach

Custom Coach Profile: Marathon Coach #1356

Cool colors with a dynamic paint design set Designer’s Choice Coach #1356 apart from the rest. Deep black, with textured white and gray, create a striking image when this coach travels down the road, whether rain or shine. Interior Designer Santara Perkins was inspired by minimalist and Scandinavian design and wanted to create a simple and calm space using textures and high contrast for interest. The owner requested an “edgy and modern” yet comfortable space, and trusted Santara to deliver. The bright porcelain interior, accented by a deep graphite laminate and a light brown wood floor, creates a path into the spacious bedroom, where creams and shades of coffee grace the walls and bedspread. These same colors can be seen on the pillows in the salon and in the area rug, tying the entire coach together in a masterful display of design. The warm, yet monochromatic color scheme keeps the interior simple and elegant. A long, illuminated panel comprises the main portion of the ceiling, a brilliant feat of engineering that diffuses and softens light throughout the coach. With plenty of room to entertain friends and family — either inside the large salon or at the outdoor entertainment system with a 4K curbside TV — this Marathon H3 Double-Slide is a truly beautiful showpiece. 


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