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Want to know how it feels to be a part of the Marathon family? Just ask the experts. Whether they’re looking for 5-star service or for the most reliable, smoothest riding and most luxurious motorcoach on the market today, people find it all at Marathon Coach.

“Wish I had done it sooner. It is so much nicer than I imagined. I used to worry if my hotel room would have a comfortable bed or a funny smell. Not anymore. With my RV, I know exactly what to expect at every tournament, and it is really nice. It’s easy to see why…

“If you’re a car guy and want to get to where you’re going, there’s only one way to get there, and that’s in a Marathon. We’re car people, so we went to Marathon Coach for a one-of-a-kind luxury RV that perfectly reflected us.”

“We have been truly blessed with our 1998 Marathon Coach. Ours is still beautiful and looks like new. Just as importantly, it feels like new and still pampers us with incredible luxuries other coach builders are only now thinking to add. We feel completely at home wherever we go, and never really want to go…

“We had a 1994 H model. We used it 20 years, 261,000 miles. It was (and still is for the new owner) a reliable, comfortable, fun motorhome. But! The new models are BETTER!! So we are now traveling in a 2015 X model. And LOVING it!”

“Although I’ve now retired from the auto industry and enjoy my Marathon predominately for leisure and family vacations, I know that the luxury, convenience and relaxation a Marathon Coach provides can make any business trip exceptional wherever life calls you.”

“Chris Welch and his team are the best! Highly skilled, very knowledgeable and truly good people.”

“Marathon service is second to none. Fantastic people and outstanding product.”

“The Finest Coach builder in the business. All others come in a close third. Marathon has both Prime and Second locked up. Thanks guys and gals.”

“Best buses period. Perfect for DJ entertainment & video/movie productions. Keep up the good work.”

“Best in the world! Love everything about Marathon Coach!”

“The best coach converter in the world! Quality and service.”

“The Best coach I ever owned, nothing like a Marathon Coach and the people within the company are amazing. The Service Dept. is bar none above all, Chris Welch is the best guy to ever touch a coach knows everything about them and how it works.”

“Did the factory tour for the second time. I am still amazed at the craftsmanship and professionalism. I would love to have their coach!”

“We love tailgating at Texas Tech football games with ours! Gary, the service manager at Grand Prairie, TX goes above and beyond and we are very blessed to have him assisting us!”

“I’ve been in RV’ing most of my life and when I moved to North Arlington Texas, I exposed to real quality. I’ve seen just about every maker of Coach and by far Marathon Coach is the cream of the crop. What Marathon made 10 years ago is better than what the other companies are making…

“I’ve owned high end Country Coach Motor Homes, A Prevost Vogue conversion, and, am now on my third Marathon. Marathon builds a great coach but what makes them the best for me is the 24 hour, 365 day a year support. All coaches occasionally have issues and without great support you can be in real…

“A Marathon Coach is the best coach made! The quality and attention to detail is amazing! I am obsessed with motor-coaches and I have thoroughly researched every brand available. I can say with absolute certainty that no one beats Marathon when it comes to exterior paint, interior design and million-mile dependability. In my humble opinion,…

“A BIG Thank You for what you did to our coach. Your team is the best in Customer Service and your vision for our unit was more than we could have imagined. Thank you again.”

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