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Your Coach Delivery: The Big Day is Here, What to Expect

When you purchase a luxury motorhome you have high expectations, and rightfully so. You want the company you choose to be a professional organization that supports you after the sale — not one that simply cashes your check and hands you the keys. And yet, the latter is exactly the kind of poor treatment some people get from a third-party dealership or private-party transaction.

Since opening our doors in 1983, Marathon Coach has delivered more than 4,000 new and pre-owned units. We appreciate that the majority of people who buy from us aren’t just buying something — they, you, are embarking on a  journey. We share the excitement of every new owner, and it’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Marathon family. It’s important to us to take the time to walk you through your coach, show you how to use it correctly and answer all your questions.

Even before you arrive, a great deal of work has gone into your coach, whether it’s new or pre-owned. New coaches have numerous inspections throughout the course of manufacturing, and pre-owned coaches go through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process in our service centers. Sales and Service Technician Dave Bash is the delivery specialist at Marathon World Headquarters in Oregon, and he does a meticulous pre-delivery walkthrough of each coach to ensure everything is up to Marathon’s high standards. “It’s a very thorough process; we pore through every corner of the coach,” Dave explained. He is conscientious and keeps detailed notes on each coach. Dave continued, “The resources we have in our facility allow us to immediately work out any issues that come up before delivery.” Once these last-minute details are ironed out, Dave does another inspection to make sure everything is looking sharp and functioning at its best.

The coach is freshly detailed — at Marathon, detailing is a high priority. The exterior of the coach is professionally cleaned by hand in our wash station, leaving the paint glimmering. After setting up the coach in the showroom, a detailing crew inspects and cleans every surface, nook and cranny. Marathon makes final detailing and washing a major focal point, and with good reason — we understand that your coach must be pristine when you receive it.

On delivery day, you are greeted at Marathon by your sales representative, who is there to help make your experience as comfortable and informative as possible. Also welcoming you is your delivery specialist, who is your point person throughout the entire delivery process. Collin Dietz is the delivery specialist at Marathon Coach Florida, near Tampa. “Once you arrive to take delivery of your bus, 100% of my time is dedicated to you,” said Collin. “Whether it takes one day or three, we encourage you to take as much time as necessary to feel comfortable with your coach and all of its systems.”

After giving you time to fully absorb the look of your luxury motorcoach, you can familiarize yourself with your dream home-on-wheels at your own pace. “It’s up to you how much time you take,” said Dave. “A delivery usually takes days, not hours. And we hope it takes days, because that means you are hearing and understanding all the information we are providing.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Dave knows that your comfort level with the coach can also depend on your previous experience.

 “We are blessed to have a lot of new clients, but we also appreciate that we have a lot of repeat customers, and for many of them the learning curve is less steep,” said Dave. “However, we still encourage everyone to take their time, because there are often new features and systems to learn.”

Once the walkthrough is complete and all your questions are answered, you are invited to stay in your coach at your pick-up facility. Be it at Marathon World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, or at Marathon Texas or Florida, all locations are private and well equipped with full hookups for your convenience. On the morning of day two, you’ll again meet with your delivery specialist. Dave describes this day as an assessment. “I set up a time to meet with you the next morning, and we go over how your evening went. Did you have any issues overnight? How did you sleep? How can we help you? And we take it from there.” As a Marathon owner, you enjoy the benefit of staying at Camp Marathon as long as you like — and returning whenever you please.While you might be very familiar with driving a Prevost bus conversion, driver training is an important part of the delivery process. Your delivery specialist takes you on an extensive orientation drive to show you the ins and outs of properly operating your coach. And when you finally drive off the lot, you’ll do so with the confidence of knowing both Prevost and Marathon are available to you through an extensive tech support program should you need assistance.

Sending you off in a new or pre-owned coach as a valued member of the Marathon family is as much a gift to us as it is to you, and as such, many of our owners will attest that coach delivery isn’t the end of the purchasing process; rather, it’s the beginning of a relationship. “It’s always exciting to complete a delivery,” said Collin. “I share the pride and passion of each coach I deliver with the owners.” Dave shared this sentiment: “The whole idea is for you to have a seamless and positive experience when learning how to use your new — or ‘new to you’ — Marathon coach.” 

-By Adam Tamarkin


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