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Engineering a Masterpiece Part 2: Project Management

Project Management

Bob Chavarria started at Marathon on the production floor, like many others on the engineering team. A 33-year veteran of the company, Bob manages much of the engineering team, helping them organize and build the coaches from the bottom up. When a Prevost chassis first arrives at the facility, it is literally a shell of what it will become, its future detailed only in engineering sketches and in the minds of our designers and the future owners. Using his Engineering Playbook, Bob decides the tasks that need to be done in each coach, their priority and which engineer is responsible for what task.

Akin to an architect for a custom home, Marathon’s engineering team works directly with the customer throughout the process to make their vision a reality. From beginning to end, the engineers follow their coach to completion and sometimes beyond. Photos of the final product and drawings from the engineers and interior designers are preserved for future tech support and potential remodeling projects through our service centers. 

While project engineers are in charge of their own coaches, they are also responsible for elements of other coaches on the production floor. There are usually nine coaches being built at any one time, with perhaps one or two others in for service and remodeling. It typically takes 9-12 months to complete a coach, but it doesn’t seem that long when you are an engineer at Marathon.  A coach moves around the production floor as it completes the various stages within its design. Flooring, wiring, cabinetry, laminate, ceiling and lighting are just some of the many steps a coach goes through on its way to its owner. 


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