Luxury Lifestyle at Motorcoach Country Club: MMwM Ep. 305 | Marathon Coach

Luxury Lifestyle at Motorcoach Country Club: MMwM Ep. 305

Mal shows off what the luxury RV lifestyle looks like at Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California. Joined by our videographer John, Mal drives around this beautiful RV park, taking in the sights and sounds of a Monday morning. He points out various Marathon coaches and talks a little about each one while touring some of the best sights in the park. The two-mile-long waterway between lots creates a haven for those with some of the most beautiful coaches in the world. Marathon owned the company that developed Motorcoach Country club around 23 years ago, and since Marathon reaches for excellence in everything the company does, so it’s no wonder this RV park is considered the best in the United States. From the lush green grass and tall palms, to the stunning casitas and lots, there’s no better place to spend the season than in Indio.

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