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Engineering a Masterpiece Part 5: Audio/Video


When Dave Dolby started at Marathon in March of 1997, the entertainment systems consisted of car stereos, tube TVs and VCRs. Now our audio and visual systems rival those of most state-of-the-art homes. With motorized TV lifts, multiple full 4K TVs and HD satellite systems, entertainment has never been so amazing. The audio in a Marathon coach has evolved as well: A full stereo system in the cockpit and bedroom, plus an amazing 5.1 digital surround-sound system with subwoofers in the salon make every song, sporting event and movie experience one to remember. The outdoor entertainment system includes a 55” HD, Smart TV and another subwoofer for high-performance sound.  

When designing and building each entertainment system, Dave works hard to take the desires of the customer into account.  Once the customer has made decisions, drawings are drafted, the wire pull is created, the cable is installed and the cabinets go into place. From there, the equipment is loaded and the Crestron System programmed. Crestron is the brain of a Marathon coach; it integrates every aspect of a coach into an easy-to-use app. 

Dave jumped into more detail about Crestron when asked what sets our coaches apart in audio and visual elements. As the leader in entertainment programing for both home and commercial use, the Crestron system has been installed in more than 600 coaches at Marathon, possibly surpassing the number of Crestron home systems in the state of Oregon. In 2018, Crestron gave Marathon a special award for being not only the first Crestron standard motorcoach builder, but also the first company to install more than 500 units. Marathon also has an award for the Elite Pro status of the company. 


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