A Windy Day in Indio: MMwM Ep. 303 | Marathon Coach

A Windy Day in Indio: MMwM Ep. 303

Mal is at Motorcoach Country Club in Indio California and braving the wind to give you all a tour of this amazing RV park.  Motorcoach Country Club is one of the top RV parks in the nation. Lush, green, and beautiful, this park was built in early 2000 and filled with amazing private casitas, outdoor cooking areas and swimming pools. Truly a crown jewel of Luxury. Mal talks a little about some of the events he and Jim have planned for the week, including a private, virtual wine tasting. Another perk of being a Marathon Customer is that we have a service team down at Indio for the season. Mal also tells you a little about his travel woes, but none of that dampens his spirit, because, despite the wind, he loves being in Indio.

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