On the Road to Greatness: Common Questions


We hear it all the time. Once you drive a Marathon, you’ll find nothing else compares. Come in, take a test drive. You’ll find it’s easier and smoother than you’ve ever imagine. Rather skip the driving and hire a driver? We can assist you with that too, just email the Marathon concierge at concierge@marathoncoach.com.


To learn the ease of operation and maintenance, we can make one of our knowledgeable delivery personnel available to you. Or if you rather, we can help you find the perfect coach manager so all you’ll need to know is when and where to be. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact the Marathon concierge at concierge@marathoncoach.com.


Have a brilliant idea? Choose everything from unique one-of-a-kind modifications to the floorplan to the fabrics and more. Our professional interior design and exterior paint departments have the experience, knowledge and resources to implement your vision. For details, contact our concierge at concierge@marathoncoach.com.

Ready, Set, Go

See all of our current new and pre-owned inventory. Have questions or want to know more? Simply contact Marathon’s concierge at concierge@marathoncoach.com.