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Luxury Coach Washing Procedures with Marathon’s Dave Bash

Get some invaluable instruction on proper luxury coach washing procedures with Marathon’s Sales/Service Support Liaison and luxury RV guru Dave Bash. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at In this informative video, get a lesson from the pros on how to prep, drop, wash and dry your luxury RV with spotless and scratch-free results. Narrated by Dave Bash – one of the most knowledgeable and experienced drivers of the Prevost bus conversion – this video offers step-by-step instructions, product suggestions and excellent tips for worry-free cleansing. From washing surfaces in the correct order, to finding the proper leveling for your coach to drain, to using microfiber wash mitts to protect your paint, Dave covers all the bases and leaves no surface unscrubbed.

How-To: Using The Jump-Start System

Join Marathon Coach Sales/Service Support Technician and luxury RV guru Dave Bash for an informative talk about using the jump-start system in your Marathon. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at As Dave explains, in any Marathon Coach there are chassis batteries that start the engine and “house” batteries that run everything else in the coach. Get a quick lesson from Dave on the difference between a 12- and 24-volt system; then find out how the jump-start button in the dash engages a heavy-duty relay that allows the house batteries to connect to the chassis batteries to start the engine.

How-To: Using the Rinse Valves

Join Marathon Coach Sales/Service Support Technician Dave Bash for another useful how-to video – this time, about using the rinse valves to keep your black and grey tanks clean. Enjoy this informative video as Dave gives a tutorial on how the rinse valves work. See where the valves are located on your Marathon and how they connect to a handy sprayer that automates what could otherwise be a dirty job. From there, Dave has tips on two effective ways to use the rinse valves.

How-To: Keeping Bad Smells at Bay

Leaving your Marathon for an extended period of time? See this short but informative video on how to keep a water seal in the P-traps beneath your sinks so that bad smells don’t ruin your return. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at Join Marathon Coach Sales/Service Support Technician and luxury RV guru Dave Bash as he discusses some basics of luxury RV plumbing, how bad smells can happen and most importantly, how to avoid them.

Luxury RV Controls at Your Fingertips. Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.93

Get a crash course from Randy and Dawn in the operation of a Marathon luxury RV’s iPad controls. In this informative episode, see just how much power is at your fingertips with Marathon’s iPad controls. Get a visual demonstration of how you can control the coach’s awnings, shades, lighting, temperature and audio/visual from one source that is both versatile and easy to use. And with mounted iPads in the salon, bedroom and external bay, controlling the features of your coach has never been more convenient.

How-To: Revive the House Batteries

Find out how to revive the house batteries on your Marathon in this quick video hosted by Marathon Coach Sales/Service Support Technician Dave Bash. Those who live the luxury motorcoach lifestyle know that the house battery system can shut down upon occasion, whether it’s because the coach wasn’t plugged in properly or something else. When it comes to the engine battery system, we have Marathon’s patented jump-start button on the side dash (see Dave’s jump-start video in the link below). But what do you do when you need to reverse the process from chassis to house?

How-To: Use the Satellite System Controls

Marathon’s Sales/Service Support Technician Dave Bash shows how to use the satellite system controls in your coach in this video tutorial. Marathon Coach is continually searching for the latest and best technology, and we want to make sure our clients are comfortable working with our advanced technology and innovation. In this latest Marathon Coach How-To video, get the scoop from Dave Bash on how to operate the top model HDTVs and how to manage multiple satellite experiences between the three receivers.

How-To: Using the Freedom Plus System

Enjoy yet another informative How-To video with luxury RV guru Dave Bash. In this episode, learn how to operate Marathon’s patented Freedom Plus sewer hose system. Marathon’s exclusive and easy-to-use automated sewer hose system features push-button controls, which open a drop door that dispenses the sewer hose as well as the shore cord to the appropriate drain receptacles and shore power hookup so that interaction with both is minimized. Marathon’s engineers designed this exclusive plumbing bay to not only improve the reliability of the system, but to also make it as convenient for coach owners to operate as possible. Enjoy this innovative system, and keep checking back to this playlist for more informative video tutorials with Dave Bash.

How-To: Using the Air Compressor

Discover how easy it is to use the air compressor on a Marathon coach in this informative how-to video from Dave Bash, Marathon Coach’s Service Support Tech. Find out how to locate the air check valve and fill the tires for your luxury coach, tow vehicle, golf cart, or anything else that needs air along the way. Identify the parts that come standard in every Marathon, including the 50’ hose that can reach any of the tires on the coach, and get tips on maximizing air pressure from the chassis to quickly get back to adventuring.

How-To: Pulling the Slides in After Rain

Pulling the slides in after it’s been raining can bring water into your coach. Join Dave Bash for a tutorial on how to avoid this common problem using Marathon’s state-of-the-art engineering. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at After a hard or lengthy rainfall, water can collect atop your slide-outs and get inside the coach when the slides are pulled in. Find out how to avoid this common problem with a combination of the push-button leveling system and a handy rubber wiper on both sides of the slide seal that takes the excess water out of the picture. Enjoy Dave’s video tutorial on yet another example of how Marathon’s attention to detail and ease of use are second to none.

How-To: Expandable Dinette

The best feature of the facing dinette seats and table is the ability to extend them using custom made additional seating and a matching leaf. Follow Dave Bash as he leads you through the steps to add seat extensions and the leaf to a dinette on a coach in for renovations. Designed with ease and function in mind, installing the additional seating takes only moments and is incredibly secure. These strong, yet lightweight seats, easily fit two adults on each side after the extensions are added.

How-To: Operating the Blinds

Service Support Tech Dave Bash is back with a How-To video tutorial about operating the blinds on a Marathon coach. Step inside a brand new Marathon coach with Dave Bash as he goes over the three easy and convenient methods to control the shades: the “hard buttons” on a panel in the salon; the Crestron system on the iPad; and the controls from the dashboard monitor. See how the engineering and design of a Marathon combine to make these luxury bus conversions amazingly simple to operate and enjoy.

How-To: Changing House LED Fuses

A great feature in Marathon coaches is the ability to easily change out fuses for the LED lights. Dave Bash talks about how to find the electrical panel and where the fuses for the LED lighting are. When an LED light is out in the coach, the corresponding five-amp fuse will have an indicator light so you know exactly which one needs to be replaced. Marathon coaches are designed to be accessible so switching out the faulty fuse is quick and easy.

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