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See the Difference: Superior Electronics in a Luxury Coach

An electrical system in a luxury coach as robust and reliable as this one doesn’t happen by accident.

For Marathon’s team of 12 plus engineers and 24 electricians, good is never good enough. When it comes to the quality and outstanding performance of your coach’s wiring, this team is uncompromising in their pursuit of greatness. Visionary in nature, their approach and philosophies stem from a desire for resolute reliability, ease of customer use and long-term integration.

The electrical system is the brain and backbone of your coach, so quality matters, especially where wiring is concerned. With a foundation based on an electrical engineering plan, thorough documentation, easy accessibility and system redundancy, we ensure that you have what you need through every phase of your coach’s life.

We invite you to look behind the walls to see the difference. Yes, the wiring is neatly done, but there’s more than that. It’s highly functional, planned, organized and serviceable, even decades down the road. With the infrastructure engineered and documented, you can bring in your 20-year-old coach and we’ll still have the plans, making your improvement or repair simple and safe.

You may have noticed our ceiling designs are created to be remarkable, but did you know they are also specially created to allow access to the wiring systems? Every single bell cap and junction box is always accessible. And that’s not all. There are hidden panels installed throughout the coach to provide easy access behind the walls when needed. For example, unlike some coaches where a surface may have to be partially demolished to allow access, in a Marathon, it may be as simple as removing a shelf in the half bath or pulling out a drawer in the kitchen. With every wire neatly labeled and every detail mapped out in the master plan, there’s never any guesswork.

Function and aesthetic design flow doesn’t stop at the electrical. We employ engineers in every facet of coach creation, including mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, audio/video, computer software and hardware design, ground effects and interior design components.

Brilliant design is in our blood. We believe it’s important to craft every part of your coach correctly, even if you can’t see it. That’s why we invite you to take a look behind our walls anytime: no reservation necessary. Tour our production facility and you’ll see everything from bare shells to cabinet scribing to flooring installs. Nothing is hidden. Our craftsmen are happy to show you how everything is done. Brilliant versus smart enough, which will you choose?


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