Crestron’s Outstanding Achievement Award | Marathon Coach

Crestron’s Outstanding Achievement Award

Making Modern Coach Life Beautifully Simple

Recognizing that we’re a technology-driven society, Marathon has constantly strived to provide leading edge systems and features. It’s this obsession with creating a smarter coach that initially led Marathon to Crestron.

Designed to adapt to real-life scenarios, simplifying routines and reducing the need for remotes and other gadgets, early on Marathon engineers recognized the customizability of this program for luxury RV life. Pushing the boundaries of functionality with this groundbreaking system since 2001, Marathon recently received the Crystal Outstanding Achievement Award from Crestron, recognizing its achievement of deploying more than 500 individual Creston projects.

“The Crestron components we use in Marathon Coaches are the same exact models that are used in government, enterprise, medical and higher learning facilities throughout the world,” said Audio/Visual Design Engineer Dave Dolby. “They are not a watered down version for ‘home use.’”

Dave has been integrating Crestron systems into Marathon Coaches since the beginning, when Marathon was evaluating control systems to determine the best in the industry. Marathon chose Crestron as the central “brain” of a Marathon Coach because this technology does more than connect devices such as audio/visual or lights; it also integrates all of the devices into one seamless command center. This system will be relevant, reliable and functional as long as coach owners need it, be it two years or 2 million miles.

“I appreciate the reliability, flexibility and predictability of the Crestron program,” said Dave. “We have some of the original systems that have not required any maintenance or repair since they were deployed more than 15 years ago, yet we are still able to match the customers’ needs today because of its ability to interface with so many diverse systems on a coach.”

Marathon’s pleased to accept this elite award on integration of this functional, adaptable and simple-to-use technology.


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