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Hitting the Open Road with Confidence: Driving a Marathon Coach

When driving a Marathon Prevost for the first time, many people express surprise at the smoothness of the ride and the simplicity of the operation. In fact, driving a luxury bus conversion is frequently compared to the feel of driving a luxury sedan. The quality of Marathon’s assembly and finish of the housing ensures there are no annoying squeaks or rattles while traversing highways and byways, while the chassis structure makes this ride unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Marathon Coach clients since 2009, Jesse and Milo Kirk know life on the road. “It’s like sitting in your living room going down the highway,” said Milo. “It’s wonderful – all the safety features make Jesse and me feel safe and at home.”

Employing a refined “multiplexed” architecture, the Prevost’s driver environment provides the kind of long-distance comfort and fatigue-free operation that makes any journey seamless.

“I think the drivability of a Marathon is just so easy,” said Milo. “I encourage more women to get behind the wheel. A lot of women are intimidated by it – I encourage them to get out where there are open spaces and less traffic to give themselves a chance to see what it’s like. With all of the safety features – all of the mirrors, all of the backup cameras, everything that you have so you can see – it’s amazing to drive, and so easy that time passes quickly.”

A Marathon’s directional stability, handling and quiet, ultra-smooth ride rival the feel of the world’s leading luxury automobiles. The Volvo engine’s quick response with a fully automatic transmission allows drivers to maneuver with precision on winding roads and negotiate tight spots with ease.

“Even if you don’t love driving, I think it’s good to be familiar with the controls and the feel of the motorcoach, especially in the event that your main driver/spouse is ever drowsy or sick – you can be the backup plan,” said mMarathon Sales Representative Dawn Prins.

“I first learned to drive a Prevost in a large parking lot, circling a building. Around and around I went, until I felt comfortable with the size and turning distance needed to clear both the place and the Prevost. It’s hard not to see a building in your mirror. I don’t believe I ever had a fear of driving, but I was cautious until I understood how this big machine stopped and turned. Now I can back them up into a barn. Fear can definitely hold you back, which isn’t good – so take it at your pace, one step at a time.”

With a driver’s environment designed to optimize intuitive operation, safety and comfort, a long-distance journey quickly becomes a pleasure cruise. Milo is definitely one to fully embrace the promise of a new day and the excitement of the open road, sharing the driving 90/10 with her husband. “She likes to do all of the driving, so I let her drive,” said Jesse.

Of course, there is more to love about driving a Marathon other than convenience and safety.

“My favorite thing about traveling in a Marathon now: not only is it the best ride on the road that’s out there, we don’t have to put up with airports anymore,” said Milo. “We’ve traveled so much, we’ve realized there are so many things we’ve never seen right here in the United States. This is the best way to travel. We take our dog with us so our little family’s all together. We stop wherever we want, and we have a great time.”

Those interested in learning to drive their Marathons, be it for safety reasons or to discover the thrill of the road, should talk to their Marathon sales representatives or delivery personnel. Marathon Coach Driver Dave Bash has taught countless people to drive these luxury bus conversions, including Assistant Marketing Manager Miki Markovich, during an episode of “Marathon Mondays with Mal” on Facebook’s livestreaming platform.

“I think it’s accurate to say that I was terrified to learn to drive with a live audience, much less with a fresh-off-the-production-floor Marathon,” said Miki. “Yet, it ended up being loads of fun. Dave Bash was calm and knowledgeable, walking me through every detail in real time. I found myself smiling from ear to ear and even occasionally waving to people as I drove by.”

Stable, smooth, precise and secure, a Marathon delivers an impressive ride, unmatched in drivability. To get started, consider the following: scheduling instruction with Dave Bash or someone else on the Marathon team; practicing in an empty parking lot; driving on favorite, well-known roads when conditions are ideal and traffic is light; switching positions with the main driver at a rest stop to drive to the next rest stop; pre-planning your route so you’re not surprised by bridges, weight limits, etc.; and heading out to BLM land, such as the Quartzsite RV Campground in Arizona.

“There was a dusting of snow on the ground when I first learned to drive one of these motorcoaches. Because of the tire tracks, I was able to see exactly how close I was to the building I was circling,” said Dawn. “From there I basically drove straight roads, and when I was brave enough and had confidence, I hit the highway.”


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