Adventure and Modern Luxury: 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1350 | Marathon Coach

Adventure and Modern Luxury: 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1350

For those who revel in every detail, Marathon introduces 2022 Show Coach #1350, a luxurious blend of high-end style and state-of-the-art engineering. Built on the Prevost X3-45 chassis, Show Coach #1350 flaunts that classic siding, adorned by a simple palette of ebony and dark red, with lilting white pins. Fitted with two slide-outs in the master suite and salon, the interior boasts incredible spacious comfort. Luxurious wood grain laminates, tinted with desert red, and contrasted by light porcelain and Corian in the flooring and solid surfaces, offers a warm, modern elegance tailor-made for every adventure. Crestron iPad system controls, voice command and Marathon’s patented TechLink electrical system keep up with your every move.


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