Luxury RV Shell Prep (1318). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.127 | Marathon Coach

Luxury RV Shell Prep (1318). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.127

Mal follows yet another luxury RV down the production line, from shell prep to showroom floor. Follow Mal around and inside the brand new shell for custom-ordered Marathon Coach #1318, the newest shell to arrive from Prevost. In this informative episode: get a rare look at the underlying structure of the chassis through the storage bays; learn about how Prevost and Valid each provide the chassis with two of its four slides; and learn how the entire chassis is fully welded together — rather than assembled in components – providing the coach with superior stability, safety and comfort. Finally, get the inside scoop on the particulars of Marathon Coach #1318, like how it will be designed on the coveted Jackson Hole floorplan providing a spacious rear superbath, and how an uniquely exposed area behind the cockpit where the curio cabinet will be removed will provide the coach with maximum natural light. Stay tuned in to Marathon Mondays with Mal to see Marathon Coach #1318 move through the entire production process.

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