A Sneak Peek at Marathon Coach #1387 & Celebrating #1400 – MMwM Ep.360 | Marathon Coach

A Sneak Peek at Marathon Coach #1387 & Celebrating #1400 – MMwM Ep.360

Join Mal back at the Marathon mothership for an exciting look into the craftsmanship behind Marathon Coach’s luxury RV’s. This week, Mal showcases the near completion of Coach 1387, giving us a glimpse of its stunning modern interior, innovative storage solutions, and the soothing tones of its luxurious design. Mal also addresses questions he’s got about the process of noise isolating the generator bay housing the power tech 20 kW generator. Ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment inside and outside the coach.

Explore the thoughtful details that make Marathon coaches the epitome of luxury on wheels—from the heated floors to the abundant storage space, including innovative compartments integrated seamlessly into the design. Mal also teases the anticipation of Coach 1400, marking a significant milestone as the latest addition to Marathon’s proud legacy.

With the upcoming Marathon Club rally in Fredericksburg, Texas, Mal shares his excitement for the event and the impending solar eclipse, promising to bring us more exclusive footage from these extraordinary gatherings.

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