The All New H3 Cockpit in Marathon Coach 1388 - MMwM Ep.366

Revolutionary Redesign: Exploring the New H3 Cockpit in Marathon Coach 1388 – MMwM Ep.366

Join Mal Williams in this insightful episode of Marathon Mondays with Mal as he dives into the latest enhancements and features of the new H3 cockpit on Marathon Coach 1388, fresh off the production floor and ready for delivery. From the revamped entryway with its slight tilt, to advanced copilot amenities like wireless charging and a massaging seat, Mal covers every inch of this cockpit’s transformation.

He shares detailed insights into the latest Marathon Coach innovations, such as ventilated seats, enhanced storage solutions, and sophisticated electronic controls that elevate the driving experience.

See how Marathon Coach’s pursuit of excellence through customer feedback integration shapes the evolution of luxury motorcoaches. Get a look at the new ergonomic snack tray, revolutionary e-mirrors, and high-definition camera 360 camera setup that redefines safety and luxury on the road.

To interact directly with Mal subscribe to the Marathon Mondays with Mal Facebook page at Marathon Mondays with Mal is broadcast live on Facebook on Mondays at 9:00 am Pacific.


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