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A Masterpiece in Motion: Marathon Custom Coach #1363

A masterpiece in motion, Marathon Coach #1363 is a 2024 H3-45 double-slide filled to the brim with features hand-chosen by its owners.

Textured with dark neutral shades and a hint of blue, Custom Coach #1363 pops against the overcast Pacific Northwest backdrop. Crisp lines draw the eye across the pattern of browns, warm grays and charcoals, building anticipation for the bright interior where gently contrasting tones of white and more hues of brown and black bring the exterior design into the coach. Soft accent lighting paired with illuminated panels ensure every corner is well lit. A fireplace gives warmth and energy to the inside, perfect viewing for those cooler days and snuggling under a blanket with a hot drink. An expansive pantry hidden behind an illuminated art door and the large fridge creates plenty of space for cooking materials as the camouflaged dishwasher, covered stove and wine cooler round out the very custom galley. Rough cut tile adds texture to both water closet backsplashes, while smooth walls in the roomy shower are guarded by a special sliding door and feature an illuminated panel. Two substantial closets in the bedroom, one with a door length mirror, allow for plenty of clothing to travel without wrinkling. Coach #1363 has five televisions, including one outside, for easy viewing of the big game or movie from any angle. In addition, a Dometic fridge in the bay makes entertaining outside an easy task on fair-weathered days.


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