Experienced Ownership: Custom Coach #1370. MMwM Ep.320 | Marathon Coach

Experienced Ownership: Custom Coach #1370. MMwM Ep.320

Experienced ownership is on full display with Custom Coach #1370. The new owners of Marathon Coach #1370 gave Mal permission to share their coach on his Monday morning show. As experienced owners, they knew exactly what they wanted in their new conversion and Marathon was thrilled to give them the coach of their dreams. Coach #1370 is an H3-45, triple-slide superbath with the appliance dream center. The interior is filled with beautiful blues and richly colored browns. A favorite feature is the inlaid tile “carpet”, which matches the illuminated art door. The owners prefer coffee to an espresso machine, so Marathon added a Keurig to their kitchen in the place of that usual appliance. The stunning, deep blue sink in the waster closet is backlit, and the backsplash matches the tile on the entry stair. The textured red paint on the exterior compliments the black, white and tan coloring. Every aspect of coach #1370 shows the owners know what they want and need from their coach.

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