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Make a Statement with Bamboo Flooring: Elegant and Rugged

Despite being constantly underfoot, flooring stands tall as one of the most noticeable features when people enter a coach. For those who value both longevity and making an unforgettable first impression, when it comes to flooring, it’s a good idea to entertain the idea of choosing one of the most popular and robust flooring options — bamboo.

“When choosing to buy a pre-owned, after upgrading the flooring, it’s like walking into a different coach,” said Marathon Salesperson Rod Johnston.

The bamboo Marathon uses in its coach flooring is strand woven. This means the individual fibrous strands of the plant are woven together and compressed under extreme pressure along with an added resin, resulting in a solid block of bamboo, which is then machined into planks. This process makes strand woven bamboo flooring much harder and more durable than horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring. The Janka hardness test — an industry standard rating system that measures the resistance of sample wood to denting and wear — rates stranded bamboo as much as eight times stronger than oak. In addition to its durability, strand woven bamboo flooring is extremely versatile, and can be finished in a wide array of wood-look styles and colors. In addition to being highly durable, it’s also low maintenance.

“It seems every year there are more colors and textures available, and customers are often shocked when we show them the vast array of choices they have,” said Interior Designer Brenda Kraft. “You can get the durability and water resistance of stranded bamboo, but in looks that range from classic to polished mahogany/cherry to a rustic gray farmhouse oak or pine.”

Those who value eco sustainability appreciate that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, which just happens to have a tensile strength comparable to steel. Despite being categorized as hardwood flooring, bamboo is actually a grass, not a wood. When made into bamboo flooring, it’s beautiful, durable and sustainable. For these reasons and more, bamboo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of residential and commercial “hardwood” floors installed today.

“It looks like actual hardwood flooring,” said Rod.

For more information about flooring options available for new coaches and remodels, contact any Marathon location.


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