Luxury Coach Factory Floor. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.158 | Marathon Coach

Luxury Coach Factory Floor. Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.158

Walk the factory floor of Marathon Coach with Mal as he shows off three luxury coaches built on the new Prevost X3 chassis. The excitement over the new and updated Prevost X3 chassis continues, as Mal does a walkthrough of the new X3 luxury RVs currently in production at the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon. Marathon Show Coaches #1324 and #1325 are both out of paint and in the midst of wire-pulls – watch as Mal shows off this critical juncture in the production process. Also, get a rare look at a brand new X3 shell that has just arrived from Prevost and witness the superb rigidity and durability that makes Prevost the safest and most reliable bus in the industry. Find out how Marathon was first to build a luxury RV on the new X3 and why Marathon continues to build more luxury coaches than any other converter. Stick around to get a sneak peek at some new and dynamic exteriors of coaches currently in production on the factory floor.

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