Driving a Luxury RV (1266). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.157 | Marathon Coach

Driving a Luxury RV (1266). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.157

Watch Mal and co-host Dave Bash drive a pre-owned Prevost – Marathon Coach #1266 – and discuss reliability, great service and a quiet ride. Get an illustrative look at the drivability, maneuverability and smoothness of a Prevost as Marathon Coach #1266 gets test driven on the narrow roads of Coburg, Oregon, where the World Headquarters of Marathon Coach is located. Watch as Mal executes a few 360s in the parking lot of Camp Marathon to display the incredible turn radius of the Prevost H3, a feeling which Mal describes as “driving sideways.” As you get a true sense of the reliability and durability of a Prevost and the Marathon build, listen in as Mal and Dave field questions and relay viewer comments about driving a Prevost, like optimum safety, the security of great service and of course, smooth, effortless drivability.

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