Marathon Coach Named Official Luxury Motorcoach of SVRA | Marathon Coach

Marathon Coach Named Official Luxury Motorcoach of SVRA

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) today announced Marathon Coach is now its official luxury motorcoach. “Everyone in motorsports appreciates the role of motorcoaches in racing,” said SVRA CEO Tony Parella. “As racers, we all want to be the leader and that’s what Marathon Coach is – the world champion of luxury motorhomes.”

SVRA team owners and drivers are well known for their discerning taste for best-of-category products, and the SVRA’s national scale and high-end demographic makes the relationship a win-win for both parties. “The partnership is a natural win-win,” said Kasey Hess, Marathon Coach Director of Motorsports. “We’re excited to partner with SVRA as their passionate drivers and vibrant race scene provide something truly unique to the sport.” Marathon Coach joins other top-brand companies on the growing list of SVRA sponsors that include Jaguar, Land Rover, NetJets, Sunoco, Chopard Watch, and Avis. To read the complete press release on the SVRA website, click here.


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