Photography Spotlight: Murray Sielski | Marathon Coach

Photography Spotlight: Murray Sielski

For the last 20 years, Murray has used a Canon 1DX Mark II. He also keeps a Canon 5DS on hand for high resolution photos. When he doesn’t know what the day will bring, Murray’s go-to lens is a Sigma 24-105mm. Also in his bag of must-haves is a 12-24mm for super wide angle shots and a 300-800mm for wildlife and sporting events.

“I have a lot of lenses in the bus,” said Murray. “The team in service actually just made a storage cabinet for me – so I now have better storage for my lenses. We’re lucky that we have tons of storage in our bus, but when you’re out actually experiencing things on the road, you don’t want to lug all that stuff around.”

Murray’s essentials:

  • Camera / Lenses
  • Mini-tripod with moving head
  • Quick release by Peak Design Capture Pro: He used this to secure his camera during a hike in water at Zion
  • Really good camera strap that adjusts easily: Peak Design Slide Strap (plus extensions and a piece to attach to a backpack)
  • Functional camera bag – Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 20 which can be worn as a sling bag or belt pack (which is comfortably padded as is the strap.

Murray’s favorite photo: “One of my favorite photos from last fall was taken in one of the National Parks in Utah. My camera’s sitting on the road and the yellow line dividing the highway is leading to a beautiful landscape out there. Photography is about finding different things. If you’re standing around 20 other people and you’re standing up, you’re getting the same shot as everyone else. My feeling is always try to get something different.”

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