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Innovative New Features

The first build on the brand-new, contemporary and innovative Jupiter H2-J floor plan, Marathon Show Coach #1323 was completely reimagined, expanding Marathon’s interior design repertoire with a unique look while keeping the functionality intact.

The goal for this floorplan was to create a simple, clean, contemporary look using straight lines and “stealth” design features to facilitate the minimalistic look. Marathon’s Engineering Manager Jay Graham explains: “By ‘stealth,’ we mean designs with dual functions, hidden functions and/or hidden features integrated into the design to simplify, streamline and hopefully surprise the user.” Click on any of the animated pics below to get a closer look at some of the new features.

Marathon Show Coach #1323

Show Coach #1323 was manufactured on the Prevost H3 chassis with two slide-outs and a singular paint job that fluctuates with changes in natural light. Click the video and virtual tour below to find out why Engineering Manager Jay Graham has called Show Coach #1323 “one of my favorite projects of all time as a designer here at Marathon.”

Upcoming Marathons with the Jupiter H2-J Floorplan

Although Marathon Show Coach #1323 is already garnering a great deal of attention – definitely an indication that the new features and unique look and functionality certainly are enticing and sought-after additions to an already premium brand – there are three additional Marathons in production being built on this floorplan – of course, each with its own unique interior design package. Have a look at the plans for Marathon Show Coaches #1327, #1328 and #1333.

New “Stealth” Features

  • Washer/dryer has a pocket door (which looks like a wall panel) so the door isn’t in your way as you do laundry
  • New pop-up TV in the curbside cabinet: monitor doubles as an aquarium or fireplace and a glass face that flips up to become a snack, dining or computer table
  • New squared L-dinette with extending seat cushion for increased seating area
  • New swing-down bedroom upper cabinet (started on the new X3)
  • New “invisible” water closet door (with lighted art panel) integrated into the wall: There is no pull on the door, only a lip on the opening to use as a handle
  • New layout with a 4′ wide hanging closet and 3′ wide floor-to-ceiling linen cabinet, which is closed off by a pocket door at the rear of the coach

Additional Features

  • New floorplan with straighter lines for a more contemporary look and feel
  • New upper entryway stairs
  • New end table behind the pilot seat with full drawers
  • New driver’s side slide room design with no acrylic display/curio cabinets in each end of the room so all windows are directly exposed
  • First H3 (started on the new X3) with open display cabinets (no mirror and acrylic doors) on the ends of the dinette and galley upper cabinets
  • New “Infinity” ceiling design
  • First H3 (started on the new X3) with soft close door hinges on most all doors
  • “Floating” water closet vanity (there is no toekick, so the cabinet appears to hover over the floor)
  • Storage behind both toilets
  • Shower door swings both into the stall and out for space saving and user friendliness
  • Both medicine cabinets have interior lighting to illuminate through the adjustable glass shelves
  • Adjustable shelving throughout with new metal shelf edging
  • New bedroom curbside cabinet configuration with numerous adjustable shelves including a floor-to-ceiling “shoe cabinet” where shelves can be angled


More information about Marathon Show Coach #1323

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