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Stay Inspired, Stay Safe

Marathon’s 360-Degree Camera Makes Life Better and More Secure

Marathon considers clients family. This is why we build on the Prevost chassis, why we’re constantly on the lookout for leading-edge safety systems and why 360-degree cameras come standard in every new Marathon.

The 360-degree camera system, also known as the surround view cameras, features a four-camera configuration – front, rear, left side and right side. This system seamlessly stitches the four wide-angle images together, providing the driver with a bird’s-eye view of everything happening around the coach in real time.

The high-definition camera system is intuitive, yet always within the driver’s control. Turn left or right and the state-of-the-art dash digital view turns, too. Shifting into reverse automatically switches the dash monitor view to reverse. Blind spots disappear, providing drivers with the exact perspective they need and want to maneuver in confined spaces, turn with confidence and ensure there are no obstructions. Although the 360-degree camera system is an intuitive and automatic system, the customer can still override any preselected view by manually choosing the desired view from the touch screen.

In addition to providing immersive panoramic digital displays while driving, this innovative system provides complete live streaming surveillance, which is accessible remotely. This means that whether the owners have stored the coach for a season or simply taken off for a day trip, they can easily monitor their coach in real time.

“Customers have the option to pull up their coach anytime from anywhere – home, work, wherever – on their phone, tablet or laptop,” said Marathon Electrical Design Engineer Scott Hancock. “They can see where their coach is and look at the current view of the camera to see what’s happening around their coach.”

Whether clients are in their luxury motorcoach or thousands of miles away, camera recordings are accessible. If something should happen – for example, an accident or break-in – clients have as many as five recordings to access for law enforcement, insurance, etc. And because cameras are equipped with infrared illuminators, they have exactly what they need, even if that something happens after dark.


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