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Showcasing the Updates on the First New X3-45 in the Industry

Whether it’s the 8-10% boost in fuel efficiency, the increased structure rigidity and safety, the more spacious feel of the coach interior because of the increased interior height or all of the above, there’s a reason that those in the know are excited about Prevost’s newly redesigned X3-45 chassis.

“I love the new front end,” said Marathon Engineering Manager Jay Graham. “It is a great update to the X chassis and makes the coach look more current and contemporary.”

Although the body is now more aerodynamically advanced than ever before, crucial features such as low overall exterior measurements and abundant interior height remain intact and top in the industry.

“The additional 2.5 inches of interior height combined with the less rounded upper corners of the previous model allowed us to raise the ceiling another half an inch, so compared to previous X3s, the finished ceiling is 3 inches taller,” said Jay.

Body adjustments include modernized front and rear designs, improved roof shape, aerodynamic side windows with an increased view framework, tilted windshield and new flush windshield gaskets – all resulting in enhanced airflow, which decreases highway fuel usage as much as 10%. Plus, with the use of more stainless steel components, increasing rigidity, along with new front and rear roll bars, the Prevost X3-45 chassis is even safer than it was before. Headlamp maintenance is also less complicated because the headlamps are now easily accessible, no longer integrated into the bumper.

“From an engineering perspective, the craftsmanship of the new X3 shell is impressive,” said Marathon Cabinet Drafter Ben Buchanan. “The roof structure stands out to me as a very nice component and an example of exemplary workmanship. It appears that a very ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach was taken and the results speak for themselves.”

Additional adjustments include side windows, not only providing an enhanced view, but the window release mechanism also improves the ease of emergency escapes should the need ever arise. Plus, with narrower posts and the windshield now slanted inward, the driver’s front and side views are also improved, reducing blind spots. Add in the refined cockpit area, new scissor-type sunshade and new gutter system (catching dirty water cast aside from the windshield driver side wiper), enjoying life on the road has never been simpler.

“It’s always exciting to see the continued evolution of the X platform from Prevost combined with our design prowess to make the world’s greatest, and most innovative, bus conversion,” said Marathon Chief Operating Officer Steve Irvin.


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