Marathon Mondays with Mal: Episode 5 – Day 1 of a Prevost Shell

From a shell to a completed Conversion!   The Prevost shell is the foundation of every Marathon Coach. Get a good look at the Prevost shell with Production Manager Bret Fuller

Marathon Mondays with Mal: Episode 4 – Coach #1261

The Marathon Monday crew takes a tour of Marathon Coach # 1261. Marathon Paint Manager Andy Ibarra and Engineering Department Manager Jay Graham join Mal for a look at the “Croc

For the Love of Luxury RVing with Charly

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Marathon coach owners Milo and Jesse never take a road trip without their faithful companion Charly. And Charly? Well, this six-year-old sweetheart never leaves home without her Chewy Vuitton (or

Meet the F-Troop: Perfectly Mismatched Pups Living the Prevost Life

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The F-Troop: That’s the term Jamie and Debbie Bradford use to lovingly refer to their two dogs, Friday and Fitz. Friday, the short one of the two, wandered into their

Add some spice and dazzle your friends with hand crafted jalapeno margarita mix

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Hot summer evenings were made for sunsets and margaritas. Although it’s easy to chase down the best sunsets while on the road, it’s not always as simple to find a

A grandfather’s love and luxury RV are the things this little boy’s dreams were made of

Marathon is known for its sense of family and its love of adventure. So when Andrew Mullins was watching Marathon Mondays with Mal and started commenting about his grandfather’s 1984

Marathon Mondays with Mal – Episode 3 – On the Road with Dave

Come along with Marathon as we hit the road with one of the most experienced drivers of the Prevost chassis – Dave Bash. In this video, we highlight some of

Luxury RV Interior Design on Marathon Mondays with Mal

Luxury RV design is part art and part science.  The fabrics, the tiles, the flooring, and don’t forget the elephant in the room! Alan Christensen is our guest in this

Famed Pebble Beach and Hog’s Breath Inn Makes for an Unforgettable Mid-week Treat with Part Three of the Luxury RV Monterey Rally Experience

By 9 a.m. Wednesday, local historian Monica Hudson joined the group for a guided tour of Pebble Beach 17-Mile Drive. After seeing historical landmarks and scenic environs, and learning fascinating

Marathon Mondays with Mal – Episode One

Division Production Supervisor and overall great guy Mike Perotti was the first guest on our new weekly Facebook Live show – Marathon Monday’s with Mal. Each week we will bring