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Enhance Your Hobbies

Tailgating, hot air ballooning, NASCAR, equestrian, dog shows, sharp shooting, racing – your hobbies span the gamut and so do our coaches. Hobbies bring us joy and enrich our lives, often touching the lives of those around us. Take your avocation to the next level with Marathon Coach.

If you love tailgating, you know that it’s about more than burgers and beer; it’s the ultimate sporting social event. Marathon owners know that home is where you park it, and tailgating season creates some of the most interesting neighborhoods around. Gather your friends and enjoy watching the game on one of the salon televisions or choose to congregate outside the coach. Between your entertainment bay with large-screen TV and a built-in barbecue grill, plus a refrigerator and coolers, your Marathon could quickly become a true party bus.

Perhaps you’re a sharpshooter, racer or rodeo champ who attends cross country competitions. When you own a Marathon, you take your five-star resort with you. Not only do you have your own bed complete with some favorite pillows, but you also have a place to entertain old and new friends, and a residential-sized refrigerator and full galley so you can make healthy meals on the go. Of course, you escape the monotony of packing your things in a suitcase just to carry them into a hotel to unpack them and then pack them up again when you leave.

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