Nothing to Hide | Marathon Coach

Nothing to Hide

Marathon’s engineering and design teams craft detailed schematics for every wire, every board, every stitch. We tailor to fit your desires, with the floorplan, colors, materials, and hardware unique to your taste. This is the guiding force behind a Marathon Coach’s impeccable quality.

Take our wiring for instance. Marathon’s 12-plus engineers and 24 electricians are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and outstanding performance of your coach’s wiring. We’re not afraid to show off our neat and tidy aircraft-style wiring.

  • Every coach documented for future tech support.
  • Each coach’s wiring system designed by an engineering team.
  • Every wire labeled at both ends.
  • Labeled Wago aircraft-style wiring connections.
  • Complete accessibility to all writing junctions.
  • Marathon’s electricians have a tradition of producing clean, well-thought-out wiring boards that are works of art.
  • Each coach undergoes extensive quality assurance testing.

Stop by to see our production process from start to finish and see the engineering behind our walls – no reservation necessary. Want to know more? Contact our concierge at [email protected] or (800) 234-9991.

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