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Fun Things to Do In and Around Marathon Coach Florida

  11.02.2022   The Maratime Magazine   No comments

Visit Us and Take in of the Wonderful Attractions Nearby As we enter high season at our Florida location, we feel fortunate to have so many interesting things to see and ...

10 Reasons to Get Out While Staying In

To those already familiar with the lifestyle, the recent RV boom was no surprise. RVing in general grabbed the spotlight in 2020 and 2021 as the preferred way to spend ...

Hitting the Open Road with Confidence: Driving a Marathon Coach

When driving a Marathon Prevost for the first time, many people express surprise at the smoothness of the ride and the simplicity of the operation. In fact, driving a luxury ...

Virtual Reality Coach Touring is Here!

  18.01.2022   The Maratime Magazine   No comments

Take a Marathon for a spin! Although steeped in the traditions of old-world craftsmanship, Marathon Coach keeps innovation and bright ideas in the forefront. With our brand-new virtual tours, you can ...

Hitting the Links in Luxury

  11.01.2022   The Maratime Magazine   No comments

Marathon Coach: Texas – Five Popular Upgrades

10 More Hidden Features of a Marathon Coach

  28.12.2021   The Maratime Magazine   No comments

Luxury RVs dotting the highways and byways of North America may look similar from the outside, but it’s often what’s hidden that makes all the difference. Those who choose bus ...

Divots with Dennis: PGA of America Relocating to Frisco, Texas

By Dennis McBride, Marathon Representative – Marathon Coach Texas As a golf enthusiast, I am very excited that the PGA of America is relocating to Frisco, Texas. The new headquarters will ...

Thinking of Selling Your Coach? Experience the Marathon Advantage!

  12.12.2021   The Maratime Magazine   No comments

Tech Tips: Common Marathon Coach Features You May Have Overlooked

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