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Marathon Coach: Texas – Five Popular Upgrades
4 January
Marathon Coach Texas Service Manager Chris Lewis and his knowledgeable team are passionate, highly trained and completely committed to your customer experience. “We can do just about anything you need or want,” said Chris. “Here at Marathon Coach Texas, we have an incredible group of talented craftspeople who take great pride in their work and…
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Luxury RV Paint Jobs and 2022 Calendars. MMwM Ep.252
3 January

Ep.252 rings in the new year with luxury RV paint jobs, the freshly-printed 2022 calendars and big plans. Join Mal along with co-host Dave Bash for a chat about an upcoming three-part series where Marathon’s own Abigail Dolby will learn how to drive a Marathon. Stick around to see two singular paint jobs – both…

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Happy New Year – Heading South. Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.120
29 December

Check in with Randy and Dawn heading south on the road to Marathon Coach Florida. Get a quick hello and happy new year as the cruising couple drives through Tennessee on their way to pick up the next luxury coach at Marathon Coach in San Antonio, Florida. Hear about upcoming events in 2022, and be…

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Divots with Dennis: Improve Your Swing!
28 December

I think one of the best training aids on the market today is the Swingyde, a lightweight golf training aid designed to correct swing positions. I like the versatility, as you can use it at home or while you practice. Most amateurs – myself included – have a hard time with the correct hinge…

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10 More Hidden Features of a Marathon Coach
28 December

Luxury RVs dotting the highways and byways of North America may look similar from the outside, but it’s often what’s hidden that makes all the difference. Those who choose bus conversions know that quality counts – from the chassis to the engineering. Marathon’s innovative nature and the team’s passion to maximize your experience sets Marathon…

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Luxury RV Remodel Story: Marathon Coach #1127. MMwM Ep.251
27 December

Follow the remodel story of 2008 Marathon Coach #1127, which begins now at Marathon World Headquarters and will come to fruition in 2022. Mal loves a good remodel – or reimagining – story, and Coach #1127 will be one to remember. With an array of upgrades, including flooring, upholstery, audio/visual, LED lighting, countertops, ceiling panels…

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Divots with Dennis: A Hole-In-One Story
22 December

By Dennis McBride, Marathon Representative – Marathon Coach Texas

On July 20, 2004, I was invited to play golf with a group of coworkers at our boss’ country club in a member/guest event at the Gentle Creek Golf Course in Prosper, Texas. We were on the 186-yard, par-3 11th hole on the course, and…

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Full-Time in his Marathon: World of Outlaws’ Eloy Gutierrez
21 December

As the Head of Timing and Scoring for the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, Eloy Gutierrez averages 35,000 miles per year in his Marathon coach. Join Marathon’s Director of Motorsports Kasey Hess as he chats with Eloy, a Marathon coach owner that lives in his luxury motorhome for most of the year in his…

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Inspired X3 Prevost Luxury: 2022 Marathon Coach #1342
20 December

Every inch of Marathon Custom Coach #1342, a double-slide luxury RV built on the Prevost X3-45 chassis, exudes inspired comfort. Swaths of maroon and light and dark taupes with gold pins over the stainless body of the X3 connote easy movement juxtaposed with the excitement of adventure. The opulence of the color scheme is mirrored…

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Marathon Custom Coach #1352 Walkthrough. MMwM Ep.250
20 December

Join Mal for a walkthrough of Marathon Custom Coach #1352, as well as a look at some other coaches on the factory floor. Enjoy this Marathon Prevost H3-45 luxury coach that is just nearing completion, with features and amenities including an incredible paint job, stunning custom tile work in the shower and modern, squared-off lines…

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Divots with Dennis: PGA of America Relocating to Frisco, Texas
17 December

By Dennis McBride, Marathon Representative – Marathon Coach Texas

As a golf enthusiast, I am very excited that the PGA of America is relocating to Frisco, Texas. The new headquarters will anchor a 600-acre mixed-use development with an initial investment of more than $1 billion, and will include two championship courses, a short course and…

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Bold Elegance, Luxurious Comfort: 2022 Marathon Coach #1348
16 December

The newest luxury bus conversion off the production line, Marathon Coach #1348 combines a bold exterior look with relaxation and elegance within. Don’t let the simplicity of the exterior color palette fool you – the paint job on Marathon Coach #1348 is complex and dynamic, with commanding gold ribbons fading into the patterned, duotone background…

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2014 Triple-Slide Luxury RV in Indio, CA (1212). MMwM Ep.249
13 December

Live from Indio, California, Mal does a luxury RV walkthrough of Marathon Coach #1212. An elegant 2014 triple-slide built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis, Marathon Coach #1212 has had only one owner and been immaculately maintained. See this beautiful coach surrounded by the sunny environs of Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, and stick around as…

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Thinking of Selling Your Coach? Experience the Marathon Advantage!
12 December
The world’s largest Prevost converter and dealer. The largest Prevost conversion customer base. The largest and most experienced sales staff in the industry. Professional handling of transactions. Additional listings on other websites such as, Prevost-Stuff and Prevost Community. Multiple social media platforms: Marathon website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Extraordinary service departments staffed by skilled…
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2022 Modern Luxury RV Adventure: Marathon Show Coach #1341
8 December

Purchased before production was completed, 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1341 is a brilliantly-designed luxury RV for the modern adventurer. Built on the H3 model Prevost chassis and outfitted with four slide-outs for maximum space, Show Coach #1341 really dazzles inside and out. The exterior paint design shows off a combination of beautiful metallic gradients with…

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Checking all the Boxes: Custom Coach #1038. MMwM Ep.248
6 December

In this prerecorded episode of Marathon Mondays with Mal, see why Marathon’s newest consignment – Custom Coach #1038 – checks all the boxes. A 2007 model custom-built on the Prevost XLII chassis and with only 50,000 miles on its Detroit Diesel engine, Marathon Coach #1038 has been extremely well-maintained and offers incredible value. The unique…

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Tech Tips: Common Marathon Coach Features You May Have Overlooked
5 December
Dimmable lights Nearly all lights on a Marathon are dimmable and there are two ways to make the changes: Using the Crestron controller, open to LIGHTS, pick your room and lights, then choose between OFF, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. To dim the lights using the switch groups on the walls, press and hold the…
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Chase Elliott is NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver for 2021
3 December

Congratulations to Marathon coach owner Chase Elliott, who once again has claimed the National Motorsports Press Association’s Most Popular Driver Award. The 2021 season represents the fourth consecutive year that Chase has won this award, which is based completely on fan voting. Including his two awards from the Xfinity Series in both 2014 and…

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Pre-owned Luxury Motorhome Sneak Peek (0847). MMwM Ep.247
29 November

Brand new on the Marathon lot, Custom Coach #0847 is a beautiful pre-owned luxury motorhome built in 2004 – get Mal’s sneak peek in ep.247. Built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis and fitted with two slide-outs, Marathon Coach #0847 is an incredible value with only 75,000 miles on its Detroit Diesel engine. Enjoy the tour…

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Thanksgiving Wishes and Upcoming Luxury RV Events. Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.119
24 November

Enjoy Randy and Dawn’s best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving – and learn about some upcoming luxury RV events along the way. From their home in Douglas, Michigan, the adventuring couple explain what they are thankful for – their family, their family of clients and friends and their family at Marathon Coach. Stick around to…

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Classic Style, Maximum Comfort: Marathon Show Coach #1346
23 November

Introducing 2022 Marathon Coach #1346, a luxury bus conversion combining the classic style of the Prevost X3-45 chassis and the comfort and safety of Marathon’s superior engineering and interior design. From the first look, Show Coach #1346 impresses with its head-turning exterior paint job – smooth blends of charcoal and crimson with dashes of white…

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Marathon Coach Luxury RV Factory Floor Tour. MMwM Ep.246
22 November

Enjoy this luxury RV tour of Marathon Coach’s factory floor on a busy Monday morning just before the Thanksgiving weekend. Get an eyeful of luxury coach footage in ep.246 including: a mid-production look at Show Coach #1352, some great shots of the custom paint job on Coach #1357 and walks through the service and cabinetry…

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Luxury Delivered! Show Coach #1346. Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.118
17 November

Randy and Dawn have delivered 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1346, which was sold before it even came off the production line! Enjoy some great footage of this luxury coach, built on the Prevost X3-45 chassis and fitted with two slide-outs. Take in the stunning paint job, with its tapering swirls of charcoal and red over…

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How to Use the Satellite System Controls
16 November
Recognizing that our clients are audio/video aficionados, when it comes to entertainment, Marathon Coach is continually searching for the latest and best technology. This is why we equip all new coaches with top model HDTVs as well as offer multiple satellite experiences between the three receivers. Providers like Dish Network and DirecTV offer UHD receivers…
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From ORI: XLII Double Slide Luxury Coach (1083). MMwM Ep.245
15 November

Enjoy this walkthrough of freshly-consigned Marathon Coach #1083 from ORI luxury RV resort in Indio, California. Built on the Prevost XLII chassis in 2008, this luxury coach has many recent upgrades, including audio/visual, iPad integration and LED lighting. Follow Mal around this double-slide bus conversion, with such unique features as a split galley and a…

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Sneak Peek: 2018 Quad Slide Luxury RV (1268). Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.117
10 November

See it here for the first time: 2018 Marathon Coach #1268, a quad-slide built on the Prevost H3 chassis, is now available for sale. Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek at an incredible value – a late model pre-owned Marathon coach with only 32,000 miles on its Volvo D13 engine. Watch as Randy points out just…

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Marathon/Skip Barber Racing School Mini Rallies
9 November
Steve and Ty Schoellhorn with Skip Barber instructors at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, June 2020 Have you ever thought of trying a racing school for fun? Now is your chance to do it with friends and have a great time on and off the track! Marathon is pleased to announce that we are going to…
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New & Pre-Owned Marathons in Indio (1347, 1212). MMwM Ep.244
8 November

From Marathon’s double lot at Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California, Mal displays 2022 Show Coach #1347 and consigned Coach #1212. See two elegant bus conversions in their element – the sunny expanses of premier luxury RV resort MCC in Indio – as Mal does two walkthroughs in ep.244. Marathon Coach #1212 is a beautiful…

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Modern Luxury RV Adventure: 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1347
6 November

For those adventurers looking for the pinnacle of the home-on-the-road experience, Marathon introduces Show Coach #1347. Built on the stable, quiet Prevost H3 chassis with two slide-outs, Show Coach #1347 boasts a versatile floorplan that includes an en suite bathroom with large shower right off the master suite for optimal privacy, while Marathon’s standard, top-of-the-line…

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Chase Elliott Gears Up for Final Four Showdown at Phoenix
5 November

Marathon owner Chase Elliott, the defending NASCAR Cup Series champion, has reached the 2021 season finale and is looking for back-to-back championships at Phoenix Raceway this Sunday. Elliott’s 2021 regular season consisted of two outright victories, 14 top-five finishes and seven top-10 finishes, culminating in a four-driver, winner-take-all showdown with Kyle Larson, Martin Truex,…

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