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Luxury RVs, Luxury Lifestyle at Pelican Lake. RDAAMC Ep.130
9 March

Follow Dawn through Pelican Lake Motorcoach Resort in Naples, Florida. Enjoy this stroll through one of the premier class-A luxury RV parks in Southern Florida. Pelican Lake sits just south of Naples on the Gulf coast, and boasts gorgeous weather to go along with stunning features and amenities. Get a great look at the pool…

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Luxury RV Delivery: 2017 Prevost H3-45 (1254). MMwM Ep.261
7 March

Catch 2017 Marathon Coach #1254 – built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis – just before delivery to its new owners. From Camp Marathon, right outside the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, watch as Mal emerges from the spacious exterior bays of Coach #1254, and then give a full interior walkthrough of this luxurious coach. Features…

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Luxury Coach FAQs. RDAAMC Ep.129
2 March

Follow Dawn through a beautiful 2017 Marathon and get the answers to some FAQs about luxury coaches in this informative episode. Ep.129 of Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach explores some frequently-asked questions from the myriad people they meet on their adventures. For example: how do the midship bunks convert to a wardrobe? Can the…

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Marathon Coach How-To: Pulling the Slides in After Rain
1 March

Pulling the slides in after it’s been raining can bring water into your coach. Join Dave Bash for a tutorial on how to avoid this common problem using Marathon’s state-of-the-art engineering. After a hard or lengthy rainfall, water can collect atop your slide-outs and get inside the coach when the slides are pulled in. Find…

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Factory Floor: Latest Greatest Paint Jobs. MMwM Ep.260
28 February

The latest and greatest paint jobs currently on the Marathon Coach factory floor are on display in this latest episode of Marathon Mondays with Mal. Follow Mal past a lineup of gorgeous luxury coaches – all in different stages of production – and get up close and personal with their incredible paint jobs. Get the…

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Video Walkthrough: Marathon Factory (Coburg, OR). RDAAMC Ep.128
23 February

Join Randy and Dawn for an exciting video walkthrough of the Marathon Coach factory in Coburg, Oregon. In the luxury RV world, few things are more exciting than a visit to the Marathon Coach World Headquarters. Enjoy this footage of the hallways lined with previous coaches, some of the various busy departments and of course,…

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Marathon Coach How-To: Operating the Blinds
22 February

Service Support Tech Dave Bash is back with a How-To video tutorial about operating the blinds on a Marathon coach. Step inside a brand new Marathon coach with Dave Bash as he goes over the three easy and convenient methods to control the shades: the “hard buttons” on a panel in the salon; the Crestron…

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Playful Paint + Disney Decor: Marathon Custom Coach #1351
22 February

Enjoy stunning footage of the playful exterior paint design and the elegant interior replete with Disney decor on 2022 Marathon Custom Coach #1351. From first glance to deep dive, Marathon Coach #1351 is a study in contrasts. The bold exterior design, with its large, black fingers stretched out over a stark white field, blend bold…

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Sneak Peek: Prevost H3-45 Luxury RV at MCC. MMwM Ep.259
21 February

Join Mal and Jim at MCC in Indio for a sneak peek at the newest Prevost H3-45 luxury RV on consignment from Marathon Coach. In this walkthrough episode, get a sneak peek at the interior of 2015 Marathon Coach #1221, built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis. Coach #1221 boasts two slide-outs, elegant hardwood/tile flooring, excellent…

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Marathons at Prevost Motorhome Expo II. RDAAMC Ep.127
16 February

Get additional footage of the beautiful Marathons at the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, last weekend. Take in the extravagance as the Marathon coaches exit the Expo after a weekend of fun, food and frolic. Enjoy the “eye candy” as these luxury coaches file out for their next adventures, and be sure…

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New Paint on #1361 and Reimagined Coach #1127. MMwM Ep.258
14 February

Join Mal for a look at the stunning new paint job on Custom Coach #1361 as well as a live look-in at the progress on the full reimagining of Coach #1127. It’s another busy Monday at Marathon World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, and Mal begins in the paint department, where Custom Coach #1361 has received…

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Fun Things to Do In and Around Marathon Coach Florida
11 February

Visit Us and Take in of the Wonderful Attractions Nearby

As we enter high season at our Florida location, we feel fortunate to have so many interesting things to see and do in our own neighborhood.…

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Marathon Coaches at Prevost Motorhome Expo. RDAAMC Ep.126
9 February

Join Randy and Dawn in West Palm Beach, Florida, for a look at a caravan of beautiful Marathons as they arrive for the Prevost Motorhome Expo. Watch as a parade of Marathon coaches starts the party at “The Ultimate Prevost Experience,” the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach. Get a firsthand look as a…

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Marathon Coach How-To: Using the Air Compressor
7 February

Discover how easy it is to use the air compressor on a Marathon coach in this informative how-to video from Dave Bash, Marathon Coach’s Service Support Tech. Find out how to locate the air check valve and fill the tires for your luxury coach, tow vehicle, golf cart or anything else that needs air along…

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Consigned Luxury Coaches at MCC in Indio, CA. MMwM Ep.257
7 February

Join Mal at Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California for a look at two consigned luxury coaches that are currently available for sale. First, get a rare, slides-in look at 2015 Marathon Coach #1221, built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis. After a bicycle tour through MCC, enjoy a walkthrough of Coach #1212, a well-maintained, 2014…

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Add some spice and dazzle your friends with hand-crafted jalapeno margarita mix
4 February

Hot summer evenings were made for sunsets and margaritas. Although it’s easy to chase down the best sunsets while on the road, it’s not always as simple to find a truly beautiful margarita mix. However, with readily available ingredients and a few minutes of prep time (and a little longer in cook time), you can…

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2022 Luxury Coach (1352) Prevost H3. RDAAMC Ep.125
2 February

Enjoy the view of Marathon Coach #1352 as Dawn gives a walkthrough of this 2022 Prevost H3-45 luxury coach. Matte laminates, subtle finishes and warm accents highlight the exceptional interior design of this jaw-dropping new luxury bus conversion from Marathon Coach. Join Randy and Dawn as they point out some of the stand-out features and…

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Beautiful Luxury RV Custom Paint Jobs. MMwM Ep.256
31 January

Enjoy some beautiful custom paint jobs on luxury RVs in progress at Marathon’s World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon. From shell prep, where the Prevost bus shell is sanded and prepared for those gorgeous paint jobs, to the masking and paint application itself, follow the process as Mal gives a comprehensive tour of this busy department.…

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2022 Luxury Coach Delivery (1347). RDAAMC Ep.124
26 January

Join Randy and Dawn at the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, as they deliver 2022 Marathon Coach #1347 to its new owners. Delivering a luxury coach is different at Marathon. Listen in as Randy and Dawn explain a bit of the delivery process, where they meet with the buyer and make sure everything is ready.…

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10 Reasons to Get Out While Staying In
25 January

To those already familiar with the lifestyle, the recent RV boom was no surprise. RVing in general grabbed the spotlight in 2020 and 2021 as the preferred way to spend time as consumers shied away from airports, hotels and cruise ships. What else does luxury RVing have to offer aside from safety and convenience? Here…

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Woodworking Artistry and Service Wizardry. MMwM Ep.255
24 January

In ep.255, enjoy a deeper dive into Marathon’s wood shop and service department. The artistry of the Marathon build is on display as Mal visits the cabinetry department on a busy Monday morning at the World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon. Get a firsthand look at some beautiful woodworking on dinette seats, cargo trays, closets and…

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Adventure and Modern Luxury: 2022 Marathon Show Coach #1350
21 January

For those who revel in every detail, Marathon introduces 2022 Show Coach #1350, a luxurious blend of high-end style and state-of-the-art engineering. Built on the Prevost X3-45 chassis, Show Coach #1350 flaunts that classic siding, adorned by a simple palette of ebony and dark red, with lilting white pins. Fitted with two slide-outs in the…

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Hitting the Open Road with Confidence: Driving a Marathon Coach
20 January

When driving a Marathon Prevost for the first time, many people express surprise at the smoothness of the ride and the simplicity of the operation. In fact, driving a luxury bus conversion is frequently compared to the feel of driving a luxury sedan. The quality of Marathon’s assembly and finish of the housing ensures there…

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Check Engine Light On? Support is a Breeze. RDAAMC Ep.123
19 January

Hear Randy and Dawn recount their experience with Marathon tech support on a recent test drive. Find new and pre-owned luxury motorhomes for sale at You’re cruising down the road and your “Check Engine” light goes on. What’s next? In this informative episode of Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach, learn how easy it…

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Virtual Reality Coach Touring is Here!
18 January

Take a Marathon for a spin!

Although steeped in the traditions of old-world craftsmanship, Marathon Coach keeps innovation and bright ideas in the forefront. With our brand-new virtual tours, you can use your phone, tablet or computer to “walk through” some of our newest coaches and experience Marathon’s inventive engineering and interior design like never…

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MLK Day at MCC with Coach #1083. MMwM Ep.254
17 January

See Marathon Coach #1083 getting a pre-delivery inspection On Martin Luther King Day at MCC in Indio, California. From the lovely climes of Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, get a unique view of a Marathon with all the bays open and the slides and awnings out, as the coach gets a thorough pre-delivery inspection. See…

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Pre-owned: Marathon-owned or consignment? Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.122
12 January

From Port St. Lucie, Florida, Randy and Dawn discuss the difference between a Marathon pre-owned coach and a consignment coach. While all pre-owned Marathons for sale in Texas, Florida and Oregon go through a rigorous inspection by out talented staff, there is one major difference: the warranty. Listen in as Randy shares some valuable information…

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Hitting the Links in Luxury
11 January
Steps from your favorite fairway is a luxury home designed by our own team of creative and knowledgeable engineers and designers – your oasis forged from the world’s highest quality materials and handcrafted into something truly remarkable. Pros and novices alike have found they have a meaner swing, more fun and perhaps even more impressive…
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Impeccable Luxury Coach Details. MMwM Ep.253
11 January

Follow Mal through various departments on the production floor that show off the impeccable details on every luxury coach they manufacture. Enjoy this unique look at the world’s largest bus converter, as Mal walks through the sofa palace, cabinetry and electrical departments, checks out some singular paint jobs, and even gets a rare look at…

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2009 Triple-Slide H3 from Port St. Lucie, FL (1131). Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach Ep.121
5 January

Randy and Dawn have arrived in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and are displaying 2009 Marathon Coach #1131. A triple-slide luxury coach built on the Prevost H3-45 chassis, Coach #1131 is freshly consigned and available for sale. Get the quick tour of this beauty, with some unique features like the three slide-outs (two in the front)…

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