Crazy Horse, S.D. is Steeped in Native American History

For those who appreciate American history, the name Sitting Bull may give rise to all sorts of images be it those of his work as a Sioux medicine man, his

Luxury RVing in Winter? Wherever adventure takes you, Marathon has you covered

During cold snaps we often get questions about luxury RVing in the winter. For those winter weather enthusiasts out there, know a Marathon Coach be used in freezing temperatures as

Luxury RVing: the Monterey Rally Experience

Many travelers come to the laid back town of Monterey for a quiet respite on California’s central coast, while others bask in noisy day trips to the world-renowned aquarium and

Forrest and Katie Griggs – Balloon team, Great Race enthusiasts and Marathon coach owners

Forrest and Katie Griggs’ Marathon may look like the quintessential coach from the outside, yet it soon becomes apparent that this is a place of magic, a home-away-from-home built on

Marathon Show Coach #1236 – Remarkable & Bold

Flame painting hit the hot-rod world more than five decades ago, successfully capturing the imaginations of those who craved stunning machines with enough power to rule the road. It takes

Aiming at the Important Things in Life

With eyes on the target, world-class benchrest shooters Lou and Connie Murdica know all about profound concentration, aim and precision. However, the award-winning sharp shooters keep their focus on what’s

Meet the man behind the wine: Jonathan Oberlander, Owner and Winemaker at J. Scott Cellars

Many of you have tried his wines at one of our nationwide events. Now it’s time to meet the man behind the wine, Jonathan Oberlander, Owner and Winemaker at J.

News from Marathon Coach

Hello friends, Hopefully you and your family enjoyed a wonderful spring and are looking forward to fun summer adventures in your Marathon coach. I recently attended the Marathon Coach Club

The Best of the Big Easy

The city of New Orleans is where the past and present effortlessly comingle. Spending time in this intoxicating city can leave visitors heady with the “NOLA” (New Orleans, La.) experience.

Who’s ready for a peek at how to flush an air tank?

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We all know good routine coach maintenance is important. Some items on the list bring you back to visit the Marathon family, while others are simple and breezy for our