Opulent Dreams: Discover the Champagne Charm of Marathon Coach #1385 | Marathon Coach

Opulent Dreams: Discover the Champagne Charm of Marathon Coach #1385

Venture into luxury Motor coach travel with Marathon Coach #1385, the latest from Marathon.

Encased in an artful exterior, #1385’s paintwork mirrors the beauty of an azure sky reflected on a serene midnight ocean. Swirls of champagne kiss the sleek sides, like sand swept over by gentle waves, while strokes of white contour the water’s edge like seafoam against the bold, mysterious blue. A blue with a depth and texture suggestive of a finely cut gemstone.

Step inside to discover an interior that marries contemporary design with beauty. The salon, bathed in a symphony of soft beige and tranquil creams, features 2 facing convertible sofas that invite conversation, set against the ambient glow of thoughtfully placed ambient lighting and the warmth of the electric fireplace. A beautifully upholstered facing dinette promises gourmet experiences. While the state-of-the-art galley stands ready to cater your next meal on the road.

In addition to converting sofa beds in the salon #1385 also features two adult size converting bunk beds in the midship to maximize the number of sleeping quarters. Across from the bunks, the water closet features a graceful vanity alongside a spacious shower, offering a spa-like environment to rejuvenate after a day’s exploration. The master suite serves as a sanctuary of serenity, discreetly partitioned from the coach’s communal areas. Coupled with an en-suite rear bath, the suite affords a private and refined space to prepare for the day’s endeavors or unwind in peace.


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