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Shining In the Storm: Marathon Show Coach #1365

Marathon Show Coach #1365 shines brightly in the stormy Pacific Northwest weather. Scarlet, black and textured gray paint dances over stainless-steel sides, a beautiful contrast to the interior of this 2023 X3-45 double-slide coach. The shining, mirrored entry ties the exterior to the classic, soft interior. Creams and beiges offer warmth through the rain, and the cozy fireplace brings memories of home even when on the road. Beautiful tiling from the floor to the shower blends into the light brown cabinetry, accented by soft yellow lighting in the stiles, Corian, and ceiling. The tile floor extends into the bedroom, where the ultimate comfort awaits in the form of coordinated colors and a warm, matching bedspread. The theme carries all the way into the rear closet, where storage can be hidden away by a stunning, air pocket door. Amenities such as the fridge, dishwasher and washer and dryer are tactfully blended into the design, showing off the incredible grain matching Marathon is known for. A truly stunning example of a Marathon Show Coach, #1365 is the ideal place to wait out the storm.


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