A Timeless Design: Coach #1369. MMWM Ep. 318 | Marathon Coach

A Timeless Design: Coach #1369. MMWM Ep. 318

Join Mal as he reveals the timeless design of Coach #1369. An X3 double-slide coach with bunks, #1369 has a dynamic exterior with textured blue and red streaks surrounded by black on its stainless-steel sides. Before bringing the camera inside, Mal demonstrates the air drop function of the coach. Mal loves the timelessness of the interior with its lovely indirect lighting and bright, contrasting colors.  Mal takes a moment to explore all the features coach #1369 offers its new owners, from the expanding dinette, to the convertible wardrobe-to-bunks. The secondary door from the master bedroom to the water closet adds additional privacy to the bedroom, creating a relaxing haven anytime it is needed. Coach #1369’s tilework, both in the shower and the backsplash are simply beautiful, as is the cabinetry and shining floor. Every inch of this coach shows off the mastery of Marathon employees in each aspect of the form, function, and design.

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