Luminous Luxury: Coach 1365. MMwM Ep. 309 | Marathon Coach

Luminous Luxury: Coach 1365. MMwM Ep. 309

Luminous and luxurious coach 1365 seems to glow from the moment you step inside. Gleaming tiles reflect the lights from above, filling the coach with a warm brightness that lets you take a deep breath and relax. Mal walks you through from the cockpit to the bedroom, pointing out all the subtle beauty from the laminate to the textured walls. An X3 double slide featuring the beloved stainless on the exterior, 1365 simply embodies the best Marathon has to offer. The new Fisher-Paykel fridge offers more room for everything you might wish to stock on your journey, while the adjustable shelving and drawers gives numerous options for pantry items. Mal pulls in the slides to give you an idea of just how much room there is in a Marathon before taking this lovely coach on a short drive around the Marathon facility.

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