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Passion for Detail: The Small Things that Make a Marathon Coach the Pinnacle of Excellence

The attention to detail that Marathon designers put into coaches is sometimes unseen or overlooked, but it’s the end result of these small, seemingly insignificant details that elevate Marathon coaches to the next level. Yes, these elements are time intensive, but Marathon is proud to invest the time and energy into the little things that make our coaches special.

Showers and Designer Tile

With a variety of elegant options from which to choose, the design of a Marathon shower is not only elegant, but also created to hold up to the test of time. Tiles are thoughtfully chosen by our design team, numbered and matched to provide an eye-catching, yet subtle, aesthetic in stone, porcelain or ceramic with a matte or polished finish. Waterproofing and sealing make our showers functional, as well as long lasting and beautiful, just like your Marathon coach. An overhead, floating, rainfall shower paired with a handheld shower head are the standard in every Marathon full-size, custom shower. Similar to the luxuries found in a high-end hotel, the beautiful design of each of our showers allows for total comfort during your travels.

Laminate Grain Matching

When you walk into a Marathon, you notice the seamless flow from one cabinet to the next. Each drawer and door is perfectly matched with the grain of the laminate that was chosen by the customer or designer. This detailed feature makes a big statement when it comes to the beauty of each coach. Our talented craftspeople take the time to measure and precisely line up every piece of laminate to ensure a smooth finish to your kitchen cabinetry, storage areas and coach accents.

Illuminated Panels

The process of making lighted panels from scratch has evolved greatly over the years, but Marathon’s latest evolution is filled with a classy elegance that will illuminate any feature you want. From waterfalls in the shower, to the appearance of flawless stone in the ceiling or backsplash, illuminated panels offer adjustable ambiance to any room. This generation of light panels effectively simulates decorative tile, stone and glass. Using the latest LED technology, these lights are easily programmable and dimmable, as well as energy efficient. Endless color possibilities and customization allow you to make your coach a reflection of your dreams. Marathon takes great pride in its work, and allows the time and manpower that’s needed to create such subtle elegance.

Hidden Air-Conditioning System

Twenty years of research and development have gone into Marathon’s efficient, hidden air-conditioning system and ducting. Most companies use vents that force the air straight down, but Marathon’s vents are unique: they can’t be seen and they move air in a horizontal flow. Even when the slides are in, this design lets the air drop down and diffuse into the coach, creating perfect circulation when a coach is on the road and when it’s not. The ducting is quiet and the design allows for another way to add LED lights to the walls and ceiling. LEDs add a softer source of illumination throughout the coach and virtually eliminate the need for overhead lights. This system — so unique and completely invisible — is just one way Marathon merges function and style in our coaches.

Freedom Plus Preconnected
Sewer Hose System

Marathon’s exclusive and patented Freedom Plus preconnected sewer hose system allows for easy and efficient sewage dumping. As a Marathon key feature for the past 20 years, the system includes a door that conceals the already connected accordion hose and power cord and drops them out at the push of a button, eliminating the need for you to manually connect the hose to a sewer hookup. When you’re done, the system pulls the cord and hose back in, resulting in an easy task from start to finish. The system’s drop door is under the coach, making it aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to this fantastic feature, you don’t have to store a potentially dirty hose in your bay. 

Maximizing Storage

Marathon designers and engineers know that storage inside your coach is a critical element for your travels. From a drop-down compartment above the king-size bed for sheets and blankets, to the dinette seats tipping forward to reveal more storage, you can find many examples of how Marathon engineers have maximized the limited space in a coach so you can take more with you on the road. While there are numerous areas where other manufacturers might leave space empty, Marathon goes the extra mile to allow every possible nook and cranny to be used. Adjustable shelving gives you the ability to make room for larger objects on the fly, ensuring your travels are relaxing and enjoyable no matter what you decide to take with you from home or pick up on the road. Fabric-lined drawers, hidden pantries and LED lighted shelving are just a few of the small comforts we add to every Marathon coach. 


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