Blazing Steel and a Walk on the Wild Side: Marathon’s Custom Coach 1362 | Marathon Coach

Blazing Steel and a Walk on the Wild Side: Marathon’s Custom Coach 1362

With a textured steel design beneath a smoking red and orange blaze, custom coach 1362 features one of the hottest and wildest paint designs on the road. Coach #1362, a 2023 H3-45 double slide, has a stunning charcoal and red color theme from the blazing exterior to the elegant and classy interior. Red embroidery pops against a black leather background on the absolutely incredible custom pilot and co-pilot seats, while dark gray laminate accents the light walls and ceiling. Custom black leather seats, sofa and a tiled zebra “rug” round out the salon. Equipped with an expandable dinette and a swiveling table, the dining area can accommodate several adults or children. A large sink, dishwashing drawer and full-size fridge create a fantastic space for cooking and easy clean-up. This coach has bunkbeds across from a spacious water closet, complete with illuminated panels that match the shower tile, and there is also a secondary water closet in the master bedroom. Coach 1362 has been masterfully designed from the front of the coach to the very back, beautifully expressing the desires of the owners with subtle nods to the wild while keeping every inch filled with elegance.


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