Brand New and Beautiful: Coach 1364. MMwM Ep. 297 | Marathon Coach

Brand New and Beautiful: Coach 1364. MMwM Ep. 297

Mal is back at the mothership with brand new and beautiful coach 1364. Coach 1364 is a recently finished H3, Quad-Slide with blackout tires. The paint was designed by Graphic Artist Sara Fideler and though you can’t see it on the video, the black paint sparkles in the light. Indirect lighting on the front steps and throughout the coach illuminates some of the most elegant features Marathon’s interior designers and engineers have put together. This particular floor-plan was a game-changer for Marathon. With the Dream Kitchen hidden behind an art door and a supersized bathroom in the back, 1364 is incredibly spacious. Mal talks about the storage fit into every nook and cranny, and the washer and dryer are just out of site, behind a door above the commode. A double vanity and frosted, sliding doors finish off an amazing bathroom.

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