Outdoor Resort Indio: Veteran’s Day Special. MMwM Ep. 296 | Marathon Coach

Outdoor Resort Indio: Veteran’s Day Special. MMwM Ep. 296

Mal goes on a journey around Outdoor Resort Indio on Veteran’s Day to show how the community celebrates on this special episode of Marathon Mondays with Mal. Outdoor Resort Indio, or ORI, deeply appreciates our veterans and is preparing for their annual Veteran’s Day Celebration. On the drive to the clubhouse, Mal points out a few of the sights, including decorated golf carts for a parade taking place later in the day and the pickleball courts. At the clubhouse, an appreciation cocktail hour is being set up for the veterans and their spouses. After the parade, everyone will be invited to join in the fun with a live band. Mal speaks with Scott Reynolds about the plans for the celebration before re-joining Jim Cogley and heading out of the park to see where their coach, #1328, is being washed.

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