Building Countertops and Reimagining a Coach. MMwM Ep. 291 | Marathon Coach

Building Countertops and Reimagining a Coach. MMwM Ep. 291

In this episode of Marathon Mondays, Mal takes you on a journey of building countertops and reimagining a coach through our hard surfaces and service departments. Mal speaks with builders in the hard surfaces department while they work on a no-drip sink made of Corian. They briefly explain how many pieces it takes to build a countertop and sink and the process of putting them together. On to the metal fabrication area where Mal introduces a longtime employee, then into service where coach 1226 is being remodeled. This drastic reimagining gives coach 1226 a second life with its new owner. At Marathon, we specialize in luxury motorhomes, including custom luxury RV sales.

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