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Beyond Compare: X3 and H3 Bays. MMwM Ep.287

The bays in X3 and H3 coaches are truly beyond compare, both having numerous customization options depending on which chassis you like best.  Mal shows off the bays of two coaches, H3 coach 1362 and X3 coach 1366, and talks about the differences and features you can add to both. Coach 1362 has taller bays and two power slide outs in one curbside bay and a slide out TV in another. These large bays offer many options for H3 owners. In coach 1366, the bays aren’t as tall, but still offer plenty of storage options. The owners of 1366 opted for a manual slide-out in one of their bays. Mal also shows off the plumbing bay, and bay Crestron controls. Eagle coach 1366 is headed home in a few weeks and will be off for audit shortly! At Marathon, we specialize in luxury motorhomes, including custom luxury RV sales.

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