Playful Paint + Disney Decor: Marathon Custom Coach #1351 | Marathon Coach

Playful Paint + Disney Decor: Marathon Custom Coach #1351

Enjoy stunning footage of the playful exterior paint design and the elegant interior replete with Disney decor on 2022 Marathon Custom Coach #1351. From first glance to deep dive, Marathon Coach #1351 is a study in contrasts. The bold exterior design, with its large, black fingers stretched out over a stark white field, blend bold adventures with playful relaxation. On the inside, Disney themes combine with modern, elegant lines. Again, the contrasts: dark grey laminates juxtaposed with white tile and Corian countertops; the monochromatic color palette joined by the playful hues of the Disney decor. And with two slide-outs, midship bunks, stacked washer/dryer, large rain shower and home theaters in the salon and master suite, Marathon Custom Coach #1351 really dazzles with amenities and exceptional engineering that pair perfectly with the bold design.


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