New Paint on #1361 and Reimagined Coach #1127. MMwM Ep.258 | Marathon Coach

New Paint on #1361 and Reimagined Coach #1127. MMwM Ep.258

Join Mal for a look at the stunning new paint job on Custom Coach #1361 as well as a live look-in at the progress on the full reimagining of Coach #1127. It’s another busy Monday at Marathon World Headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, and Mal begins in the paint department, where Custom Coach #1361 has received a dazzling custom paint design, transforming the Prevost shell into a work of art. Continue on to service department, where Mal checks in on the progress of #1127. Amongst the myriad upgrades, get a rare look at the luxurious underfloor heating, just installed in the master suite. At Marathon, we specialize in luxury motorhomes, including custom luxury RV sales.

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