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10 More Hidden Features of a Marathon Coach

Luxury RVs dotting the highways and byways of North America may look similar from the outside, but it’s often what’s hidden that makes all the difference. Those who choose bus conversions know that quality counts – from the chassis to the engineering. Marathon’s innovative nature and the team’s passion to maximize your experience sets Marathon apart from the competition. You may remember the 10 hidden features we highlighted in the last issue – here are 10 more.

Marked Wires

When it comes to the quality and outstanding performance of your coach’s wiring, Marathon’s team is uncompromising in their pursuit of perfection. With every wire neatly labeled and every detail mapped out in a master schematic, there’s never any guesswork today or 20 years from now. Visionary in nature, their approach and philosophies stem from a desire for resolute reliability, ease of customer use and long-term integration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

WAGO Strips

Labeled WAGO aircraft-style connections provide complete accessibility to all wiring junctions. With all wires labeled at each end of the WAGO terminal, circuit identification is flawless. Plus, Marathon’s wiring standards meet and exceed all federal codes. Our electricians have a tradition of producing clean, well-thought-out wiring boards that are works of art, and the WAGO-branded cage clamp terminal systems are a part of that.

Built-In Service Access

There are hidden panels installed throughout each coach to provide easy access behind the walls, ceiling and other traditionally tough-to-reach places. For example, unlike some coaches where a surface may have to be partially demolished to allow access, in a Marathon, it may be as simple as removing a shelf in the half bath or pulling out a drawer in the kitchen.

Illuminated Window Stiles

So much more than a mere afterthought, Marathon’s illuminated window stiles are fully customizable. From the warm, white LED lighting that can be dimmed to the custom graphic film that provides the look of genuine stone with zero maintenance – each stile style is as unique as the coach for which it was chosen.

Distinctive Ceiling Designs

When you choose a Marathon, gone are the days of cookie-cutter ceilings. Choices run the gamut. With an array of quiet and simple designs such as the Infinity, to the flashier mirrored patterns like the Crescent, to something in between like our classic free-form designs, we have something to suit all personalities and interiors.

Ceiling Light Film

You may have noticed our ceiling designs are created to be remarkable, but did you know they’re easily updated and completely customizable? From illuminated faux stone or marble patterns that are easy to clean, to textured fabric overlays to diffuse the films, there are countless ways to enhance your Marathon ceiling. For those who desire true continuity through design, Marathon’s interior design team can match the same marble or stone pattern in the window stiles to the ceiling – really tying the two together.

Hidden Water Closet Door

Some Marathons feature a hidden water closet behind a lighted art niche in the wall – it may look like a mere wall, but reach into the recessed art to find a concealed pull that reveals the half bath.

Pocket or Hinged Shower Doors

A door is more than just a door when it comes to life in an RV – even a luxury bus conversion. Marathon’s team of engineers consider every detail as it correlates to design. This is why the glass shower pocket doors disappear with the mere push of a button – they are created specifically to occupy as little physical space as possible. Other floorplans feature hinged shower doors, swinging both in and out, allowing the user to enter or exit the shower without disturbing anyone who may be standing in close proximity.

Entry Step and Stairs

When it comes to a Marathon, every inch of storage space is utilized and convenience comes standard. Flip up the top of your entry step to find hidden storage below – the perfect place for outdoor shoes, a spare fire extinguisher or whatever you want easily accessible or hidden from sight. When en route or parked, extend the stairwell cover to hide the top riser of the entry stairs, keeping pets and people from tripping or going down the stairs.

High-Definition Entertainment

Although we know many of our clients enjoy watching Wimbledon or perhaps the latest blockbuster movie on their leading-edge televisions, we also know that having this technology in full view when not in use can detract from the aesthetic some are going for. That’s one reason we hide the 50-inch, high-definition TV in the cockpit ceiling – with just the push of a button it comes down front and center. The pop-up, 32-inch TV concealed in the curbside wainswall cabinet has also proved to be a popular feature.


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