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Divots with Dennis: A Hole-In-One Story

By Dennis McBride, Marathon Representative – Marathon Coach Texas

On July 20, 2004, I was invited to play golf with a group of coworkers at our boss’ country club in a member/guest event at the Gentle Creek Golf Course in Prosper, Texas. We were on the 186-yard, par-3 11th hole on the course, and hitting right into the bright sun, so it was hard to see the green from the tee box. I knew I had made a good shot off the tee, and knew it landed on the green but didn’t know what happened after that. We all drove our carts to the green but I couldn’t find my ball – the green was two-tiered, sloping from top to bottom, and we all thought it had rolled to the back of the green and into the rough somewhere. After searching for several minutes, I decided to look in the cup and lo and behold – there was my ball. It was my first hole-in-one.

For those who don’t follow golf tradition: if you make a hole-in-one you are responsible for the drinks after the round, and I wasn’t looking forward to picking up the tab for all the guys playing that day. But then to my surprise, the General Manager of the country club picked up the tab – as it turns out, mine was the first hole-in-one ever recorded on that particular hole. Lucky me! On a side note, I have recorded three holes-in-one – but that one is the most memorable.

Dennis McBride is a Marathon Coach Factory Sales Representative, a family man with two daughters and a passionate golf enthusiast. Periodically, Dennis will offer nuggets of wisdom regarding golf and motorcoaching.

Dennis McBride

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