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Divots with Dennis: PGA of America Relocating to Frisco, Texas

By Dennis McBride, Marathon Representative – Marathon Coach Texas

As a golf enthusiast, I am very excited that the PGA of America is relocating to Frisco, Texas. The new headquarters will anchor a 600-acre mixed-use development with an initial investment of more than $1 billion, and will include two championship courses, a short course and practice area totaling 45 holes, a clubhouse and associated city-owned public facilities. The PGA of America will invest $30 million to build its 100,000-square-foot global headquarters and education facility. More than 300 high school golfers from the Frisco Independent School District will practice at the facility on a weekly basis.

The golf courses are scheduled to open in the summer of 2022. The hotel, convention center and other facilities are expected to open within six months of that date. PGA of America has a vision of bringing majors back to North Texas for the first time since the 1963 PGA Championship. The 2027 and the 2034 PGA Championship will be played there with the possibility of a future Ryder Cup in North Texas. It is an exciting time for golf enthusiasts, like me, to see all the activity coming to North Texas.

Dennis McBride is a Marathon Coach Factory Sales Representative, a family man with two daughters and a passionate golf enthusiast. Periodically, Dennis will offer nuggets of wisdom regarding golf and motorcoaching.

Dennis McBride

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