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Tech Tips: Common Marathon Coach Features You May Have Overlooked

Dimmable lights

Nearly all lights on a Marathon are dimmable and there are two ways to make the changes:

  1. Using the Crestron controller, open to LIGHTS, pick your room and lights, then choose between OFF, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
  2. To dim the lights using the switch groups on the walls, press and hold the light of your choice. After three seconds, the lights will begin to dim. Release the button when you get to the desired level. To go back to the brightest setting, press and hold again for three seconds and it will reset.

Stowing the microwave doors

Many Marathon floorplans include two doors that close to hide the microwave. These doors can be opened and then pushed back into the cabinet to stow them away. The lesser-known feature is the locking mechanism. When you push the doors into the cabinet to stow them, keep pushing until you feel a “click” (each door individually). Once it clicks, the doors will stay put even when the bus is in motion. When you want to close the cabinet, pull the doors out until you hear another “click.” Then you can close the doors and hide the microwave. If the doors are not fully extended, they may not close and hide the microwave properly.

The J-Dinette table top

J-Dinette table tops do more than swivel to make it easier to get in and out of the booth. They are also equipped with an electric motor and an activating switch under the table that moves the table top in and out to create more seating space between the table and bench.


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