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How to Use the Satellite System Controls

Recognizing that our clients are audio/video aficionados, when it comes to entertainment, Marathon Coach is continually searching for the latest and best technology. This is why we equip all new coaches with top model HDTVs as well as offer multiple satellite experiences between the three receivers. Providers like Dish Network and DirecTV offer UHD receivers for the stationary satellite dish. In-Motion satellite reception will remain standard definition due to the size of the satellite dish itself. Marathon Coach wants to ensure you’re comfortable working with this advanced technology and innovation.

#1 receiver – Connect to tracking dish to allow coach passengers the option to watch while en route.

Controls for tracking dish

  1. Select button that reads “Sat Enable” inset in the driver’s side panel, which can be used to turn the tracking dish on.


  1. Select “Enable Sat Antenna” on your iPad or dash monitor.

#2 and #3 – Connect to stationary dish, which provides an HDTVs experience when parked (these controls, occasionally found in the rear closet, can vary from coach to coach).

Controls for stationary dish

  1. Look for the Winegard Trav’ler faceplate.
  1. Simply press and hold the power button until it reads “Power On.” The dish will then ascend and begin searching.

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